Be an I WOOD Trendsetter

Do you love being the first one to get the newest thing? We know how that feels — it’s like getting a Birthday present when that brand new kit arrives, fresh out of the creative minds of our brilliant I WOOD designers.

To make it even better, we’ll give you a 10% discount just because we know you’ll be telling your friends about your new kit — that’s what Trendsetters do!

We are always busy working on new I WOOD kits that will make your life more organized, simplified and personalized. And we can’t wait to send them out to our favorite customers! So when we know a kit is almost ready to go live, we’ll post it here as an On the Drawing Board item, so you can get it fresh out of the shop. The longest it will take is 60 days, but most of the time it will be much less.

When you see a kit that’s listed as “On the Drawing Board”, go ahead and place your order. You’ll be charged a $5 deposit. We will send you an email as soon as your order is ready to be shipped with a link to complete payment for the order. Your price will be locked in, but if it turns out that the price is less than we anticipated, you will be charged the lower price, MINUS the 10% Trendsetter discount of course!