This I WOOD Tree Could Save Millions of Trees

This I WOOD Tree Could Save Millions of Trees

You can be part of a movement to get a million families to switch to an I WOOD Christmas Tree this holiday season,
so we can save 1 million trees this year!

Thinking about getting a Christmas Tree? Until now, these were your only options:

Real/Live Christmas Trees

  • Annual Christmas Tree Market: $200,000,000 per year.
  • Average real/live Christmas tree is kept only 2 – 4 weeks.
  • Median price of a real/live Christmas tree: $80
  • Christmas trees are grown on monoculture farms for 6 – 7 years.
  • Net carbon budget: +24kg CO2 less if composted.

Artificial Christmas Trees

  • 21.1 million new fake trees were purchased in 2017
  • Average time an artificial Christmas tree is kept: 7 years
  • Average price of an artificial Christmas tree: $107
  • Artificial trees contain non-biodegradable plastics and toxins.
  • Net carbon budget is +48kg CO2 incl. shipping from China to U.S.

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, close to 350 million Christmas trees are currently growing on Christmas Tree farms in the United States alone, and 30 million real/live Christmas trees are cut & sold every year. Almost the same number of artificial trees are sold each year — 85% from China.

Is it time to give up Christmas Trees?
Or is there a climate-friendly alternative?

As a woodworker, you can make and sell the best alternative to live or artificial Christmas trees:
The I WOOD Christmas Tree

Make this go viral! If a million families switched to an I WOOD Christmas Tree instead of buying a real/live tree this holiday season, we could save 1 Million trees this year!

Material cost: approx.$50

Multigenerational Family Heirloom life span

No December tree shopping hassles

No cartop transport home.

No need to water or drying out/fire worries.

No needles in your carpet

No disposal & landfill issues.

Can be decorated and personalized.

Woodcrafters – you can sell the I WOOD Christmas tree at any stage ofcompletion: Completed and finished with each one a unique work of art; fully assembled and ready to be finished by the customer; as a flat-pack kit that the customer can assemble and finish. Some people might paint the trees, or put glitter and/or lights on them, suspend them from the ceiling; fill the gaps with fabric that matches their decorating scheme, or do whatever they want.

  • Kits that are not glued, can be disassembled for compact storage.
  • The wood triangle branches can be personalized with names, children’s heights, or seasonal greetings.
  • Drill holes in the branches and the trees can be decorated with familiar ornaments, lights, etc.
  • Use the tree however and whenever you want. Hang greeting cards from it, make it a family tree, or just celebrate trees and time of the year!

I WOOD grooved wood opens up unlimited creative possibilities for woodworkers

Grooved wood has been around for thousands of years —used in making furniture, door panels, and many other areas for strength and decorative reasons. For hundreds of years, molding planes have made it far more practical to make the groove, however, it remained very time-consuming. With the advent of routers and computer-controlled machinery, this is no longer the case. In industrial runs, grooved wood will be less expensive for the end-user than conventional, smooth-sided lumber.

Woodworkers, working in small shops, will find many advantages to grooved lumber. The shapes tend to want to work together, more like LEGO® blocks than conventional toy wooden blocks. By standardizing the size of the grooves so that all of the components of the I WOOD family of shapes slot together, stronger, lighter, and more decorative objects can be produced in less time. Fewer fasteners are required, and the end products are lighter, so shipping costs less.

The two grooves in I WOOD, one concave and the other convex, lend a finished look to the edges, which often only require a light sanding for finishing rather than the extra step of easing the edges.

When using I WOOD, we are continually surprised by the versatility of the shapes and the new ideas that can be incorporated into the planning and design.

Getting Started Making the Groove

The cost of the tools needed to make the grooves with a single pass for each of the shapes is relatively low, requiring only a couple of custom-designed router blades and a router table. Even this expense is not necessary. The shapes can be produced relatively easily by using a table saw. The angle cuts of our grooves are all 45° in the slots in the sides. Or the center can be made using multiple passes with the blade at 90°. The result will require a little more sanding, however, the shapes will be exactly the same.

It’s also possible to use a router table with standard off-the-shelf router bits priced at around $25 each.

We are ready to help you every step of the way.

When you are ready to make I WOOD grooved wood on a planer, you can purchase blades made specifically to rout the I WOOD grooves, from Vexor Custom Woodworking Tools, 7162 Washington St. Denver CO, 80229, Phone-303-286-8906,

Try it. Make an I WOOD Christmas Tree

The I WOOD Christmas tree is a fun way to see how making things with I WOOD grooved lumber can be inexpensive, fun, and sustainable. If you are curious about grooved lumber, this is a project that will “sell” you. The I WOOD Christmas tree is something that you and your family can display for many years in the future and it could be the start of something that will help preserve the future for all of us!

Let’s make this go viral! Pass this on to your woodworking friends.
You can save a million trees this holiday season!

How to make an I WOOD Christmas Tree


The solid wood, flatpack, I WOOD Christmas Tree can be disassembled and stored for future holidays. Every year you can write, paint or engrave names, dates, events, and anecdotes directly onto the wood, to make a lasting family heirloom to be enjoyed for generations.

These instructions can be used by anyone with some woodworking experience and tools for making the grooves.

Two sizes are shown but you can customize to any size:

  • 16” Table Top
  • 6’ Floor Tree

Component Parts

A – I WOOD Grooved Hexagon Trunk

Made from a 2×2 with 6 female I WOOD grooves.

Triangle Branch Assemblies (6)

Made with one of each:

  • B – Trunk Side
  • C – Diagonal side
  • D – Bottom side

Cut from 1×2 lumber that has been grooved with the I WOOD C groove.

  • E – Right Triangle Bracket (6)

Cut from scrap 1×4 lumber

Hexagon Trunk

6 I WOOD grooves are routed into the sides of a 2×2 to form the hexagonal trunk.

The male groove on each Trunk Side of the Triangle Branch Assembly fits into a female groove on the Trunk.

Various fastener options are possible: dowels (shown), screws, glue, etc.

Dowel Jig from Rockler

Triangle Branch Assembly

Attach 6 I Wood Triangle Branch Assemblies around the Trunk using dowels or screws & glue.

The three parts of the “Branch” are cut from a length of I WOOD grooved with a C profile (the letter that is formed when you slice the grooved lumber perpendicularly).

Angles are identical for all sizes. Use dowels and glue whenever possible.

Small Tree Branches: use ¾” x ¾” lumber
Large Tree Branches: use1 ½” x ¾” lumber

Commercial Tree Stand

You can use a standard Christmas tree stand.

Optional Tree Stand

Or make one with 3 Right Angle Brackets that fit into alternate grooves in the lower part of the trunk. For added stability, you can screw the brackets into a pre-cut wood tabletop or a piece of plywood.

Saving a million trees starts here
– with the I WOOD Christmas Tree.

One of our objectives in Treecycling is to bring about a significant reduction in the amount of wood that is wasted every year and ends up in landfills. Many architects, builders, and contractors are very set in their ways and change is remarkably difficult for them. Forest products companies have been cutting wood in a certain way for centuries; building inspectors have their own bible that they have to follow before approving designs, and suppliers of products such as fasteners and drywall products, will have to refer to this bible, and in many cases have been involved in writing sections of it covering their own products!

Woodworkers, to a much lesser extent, are also reluctant to make changes. It’s not unusual to hear from them that if a piece of furniture doesn’t have a dovetail or beautiful tongue-in-groove joint holding it together, it obviously isn’t as good as the “real” thing.

We know you will agree that it’s better for wood, and for all of us, to produce a wooden tree, made from a tree that reached maturity rather than to cut down a young tree like it was like lettuce. What’s more, reusing the tree you made for many years into the future, so that it continues to be a carbon sink rather than a landfill challenge, is also something you support.

You might even find that some of your friends would like a tree for themselves. My guess is that most of your good friends and loved ones have already received one of your bowls or cutting boards in seasons past and they would love your new “real” wood Christmas tree!

These beautiful Christmas Trees are an exciting way to introduce the I WOOD grooved wood concept to the consumer.

Making your own I WOOD Christmas Trees and giving them to family and friends, could be a good start to reducing the rate of global warming. You might find you are having fun, making money while helping to save the environment.

Saving a million trees starts here – with the I WOOD Christmas Tree.

The same Triangle Branch Assembly can be used to make this stair-step shelf.

We are set up to advise woodworkers on how to go about making and marketing I WOOD kits. The various jigs, templates, and components used to make I WOOD kits, can be used in unlimited combinations for other products ranging from cutting boards to home school desks.

Please help us come up with new ideas for I WOOD grooved lumber and maybe start your own woodcraft business. Check out or to get the full story.

Please contact Chris to arrange a Zoom chat if you have any questions.

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