Join the I WOOD Innovators

Send us your brilliant ideas and you 'll get naming rights and a free prototype.

Join the I WOOD Innovators Team!

Once you build your first I WOOD kit, and you see how this innovative new way of building is so simple, you are going to start looking at everything you use through the “I wonder if I could make this with I WOOD” lense. And we love it when that happens. So go ahead and send us your ideas! If you have some ability to turn your thoughts into a sketch, that will help us get a better image of what you are thinking. We’re just a small business and we don’t have a research and development department (or budget) but we are so excited about the possibilities of making things better, with I WOOD. So if the satisfaction of seeing your idea turned into reality is motivation enough for you to share your idea, we can make it even better. If we like your idea and build a prototype that turns out to be something we will offer on our website, we will send you the prototype AND give you naming rights! Name the kit after your bestie, or your kid, or your fantasy! We’ll even send you a certificate giving you credit for the design. Send your ideas to, and be sure to include the best way to contact you in case we want to discuss the idea further.

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