So You Have an Idea for an I WOOD Kit

So You Have an Idea for an I WOOD Kit

The versatility of I WOOD profile lumber inspires beginners and experienced woodworkers. The flexibility of I WOOD’s interlocking notches and the flexible building system inspires budding craftspeople and skilled woodworkers alike to create new design solutions. for furniture and structures. Once people “get” the advantages of designing with I WOOD, they can’t help imagining “What if we made this thing with I WOOD?” If that sounds like something you’ve said, your ingenious suggestions, no matter how far-fetched, are welcomed here at Treecycling. In the spirit of a caring economy, your ideas can help make life better.

Brilliant ideas come to people in many different ways. You might be thinking of a way that a store-bought product could serve a purpose that it wasn’t originally designed to do. Or you could be looking through the store and think, “What if we modified this design to make it much more functional for more people who need more functionality?” Or maybe, like some people, you get your brilliant ideas in the shower, or while driving, or in your dreams.. No matter how you get those amazing ideas, the folks at Treecycling want to give you the opportunity to try them out. And if we think it has the potential to be a “seller” on our store, we’ll send you the prototype for free and give you naming rights! (see details here).

Are you new to product design? Sometimes the best ideas come from people not immersed in the daily “Gotta think of a new idea” routine. Here are a few suggestions to help you materialize your “What if we did this?” into a viable product design:

1) Imagine a useful product – something that you or other people might need. Even if you have little artistic skill. it’s good to start off with a rough sketch of your idea, Sometimes trying to put something on paper helps to visualize what’s wonderful about your idea, or maybe why it won’t work the way you imagined. Don’t be discouraged. See if you can come up with a way to improve on your original idea.

2) Determine where the joints and corners would be, by re-drawing your basic plan with a structural mindset. How would your product fit together using the I WOOD profiles? What would be the components needed? Consider the functionality, then match shapes. How would they fit together that would make them strong and yet simple to assemble? Most of the time, appearance is a critical part of the design – so how can you make your idea both beautiful and functional?.

4) Remember, I WOOD kits need to be easy to ship and assemble. When your plan seems complete, list the components required and make a bullet-point list of the steps required to assemble your product.

Now you are ready to submit your idea to Treecycling and be a part of our I WOOD revolution – using natural, resources that can be easily replenished with the least possible impact on our precious planet!

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  • Robert McKay Reply

    During my long experience in the professional craft business, I’ve heard people from various walks of life who have original ideas who are very concerned about the ideas being ripped off. One show neighbour came up with a little novelty wood item that really caught on, and within a year it was on the open market from China for a fraction of the handmade price.

    How can IW reassure creative woodies that they won’t just take the money and run?

    Great site, Folks!

    November 2, 2019 at 4:54 pm
  • IWoodAdmin Reply

    That’s a very valid concern, Robert. The concept of I WOOD grooved wood was developed by Chris Scott 30 years ago as a way of making our use of wood more congruent with our responsibility to preserve our environment and address climate change. The I WOOD groove design is open source – in the same way that many technologies have been offered to the world as open-source because the benefit to humankind and the planet for their adopting and building on these ideas far outweighs the financial rewards gained by keeping these technologies protected so they can exclusively profit centers. I think it would make everyone at Treecycling very happy if this concept caught on in a big way to the point that it can be used profitably for many people and at the same time it was having a positive impact on our planet.

    September 25, 2020 at 3:38 pm

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