1C2 I WOOD Grooved Lumber

1C2 I WOOD Grooved Lumber

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I WOOD Grooved Lumber uses standard dimensional lumber sizes where the “X” is replaced with the letter shape of its profile after the board is routed. Typically lumber is grooved on the wider sides of the board whereas boards are grooved on the narrow edges.

IC2 WOOD is a Dimensional 1X2 lumber that is routed with the I WOOD #2 male blade on one side and the I WOOD #2 female blade on the opposite side.

The shape of the 1C2 is can inspire many innovative applications, such as drawer slides, or racks that cold round items, such as spice jars and thread spools.

To save on shipping costs, choose the length that most closely matches your final requirements. 8′ lengths are available by special order only.

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12", 24", 36", 48"

Wood Type

Oak, Poplar, SPF

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