Become an Treecycling Registered Manufacturer

Treecycling Registered Manufacturers wanted!

Treecycling, Inc. sells grooved wood and kits made with I WOOD grooved wood under the registered I WOOD® brand. Treecycling licenses permission to manufacture and sell I WOOD grooved wood and I WOOD Kits as a Treecycling Registered Manufacturer (TRM). A TRM is an independent entrepreneur and is not an employee of Treecycling, Inc. Treecycling aims to provide an opportunity for the licensee to earn a profit by filling orders for I WOOD grooved wood and kits while working within their own hours, lifestyle and workshop. The TRM can, at their discretion, also assemble, finish and customize I WOOD kits that they can sell locally or as a vendor on the iWOODMarket website. A TRM can add Treecycling manufacturing to an existing business, or it can be the basis of a new business.

Treecycling offers two licensing levels, I WOOD Kit Maker TRM and I WOOD Master TRM, allowing a licensee to get started filling orders without the costly investment in machinery required to form the grooved lumber and boards, and then to advance to a full manufacturer as the profitability pencils out.

We can assume that you are already interested in woodworking and you are looking forward to earning money doing what you love. A business manufacturing I WOOD® Kits is an excellent start-up choice. We welcome new ideas and suggestions from our I WOOD Kit Makers, with a program that rewards innovation. This is an opportunity to build security, work within your lifestyle, incorporate local design preferences, and use locally grown sustainable materials.

Your primary focus, as an I WOOD Kit Maker TRM, will be in manufacturing the components for kits that you can sell on /iWOODMarket or anywhere else. You can also sell kits that you have assembled and customized, on /iWOODMarket. You can put any I WOOD Kits you want to make, as well as your other woodcraft items on /iWOODMarket. When a customer makes a purchase, you make the components (if it is a kit), pack up their order and ship it to them. I WOOD Kits takes care of the payment processing, shipping costs and sales taxes, so you can put all of your attention toward plying your craft. While other woodworkers can sell their products on the /iWOODMarket, only licensed TRMs can sell I WOOD Kits.

I WOOD Kits is a start-up concept that enables local craftspeople to work as independent entrepreneurs, earning fair compensation for their efforts as a licensed Treecycling Registered Manufacturer (TRM). Treecycling is committed to maintaining our values of fairness for our licensees and customers. What’s more, our entire business model is built on our dedication to protecting our planet with sustainable practices in every aspect of our business. By working together, we can all achieve financial success while treating one another with respect and dignity. And together we can be a part of a movement that will help families around the world build their own homes and furnishings while having a positive impact on the health of our precious planet.

Treecycling is committed to zero waste, from lumber harvesting to on-site assembly and that goal is reflected in our choices for everything from sourcing raw materials to shipping orders. We encourage our TRMs to consider their environmental footsteps in every aspect of their business.

Trees do not come in standard shapes, are never square, and today come in relatively small diameters. I WOOD takes this into consideration in our commitment to reduce the wood waste. Saving wood also saves water and significantly reduces our carbon footprint.

Trees also come in different lengths. Traditionally, for production, shipping and storage considerations, wood is cut down to 8’, 10’, 12’, and 16’ lengths. This results in significantly more waste during both the production and the construction process. How often can one use a 2X4 that is exactly 8’? The I WOOD approach precuts component parts to the exact sizes needed. Most of the I WOOD components are shorter than 8’ lengths, often as short as 12” or even less when producing the brackets. We make use of every inch.

For many self-motivated people, the prospect of owning and operating your own successful business is the ultimate dream. Being in business for yourself means:

  • You work on your time, answer to yourself
  • Rise and fall on your own skill and work ethics
  • More personal freedom
  • Deduct business expenses from your income tax
  • Build a business with real value that can be passed on or sold
  • Sense of personal achievement

If you have at least interme­diate woodworking skills, you can easily produce the wood components for I WOOD kits and fill the orders that come to you by email from the iWOOD Market.

You can get your I WOOD Kit Maker TRM business up and running with an investment of less than $2,000 in equipment and tools, in a workshop under 200 sq. ft. with 110V power sources. The beauty of being a Kit Maker TRM is that you can start with the basic tools and as your business grows you can invest in the equipment that will allow you to be a Master TRM and produce your own I WOOD Grooved Boards.

If you don’t have a garage to get started, you could look into shared space in a shop similar to Makers Place or Makerspace. Google “shared workshop space” to find opportunities near you. These spaces also have many of the tools you will need to get started.

An 8×10 I WOOD utility building on a flatbed trailer is another option that serves as a mobile workshop.

If you have the land to build on, you can make your workshop a model for I WOOD structures by building your shop with an I WOOD frame. A 12 x 16 structure would be a great start, and a perfect way to learn about the features and benefits of building with I WOOD.

It is possible to make all of the I WOOD products using many techniques and a large number of different tools. The options range from wooden molding planes and miter box – which might require a month to make the frame for a small house – to industrial machines producing hundreds of units a day. A powerful router, with the appropriately shaped blades, and a skill saw used by an experienced carpenter could probably manufacture a small unit in a few days. If you are going to focus on filling orders for furniture and non-structure items, this would be all you’ll need to get started.

To manufacture kits for structures, a TRM must have a molder planer to produce the I WOOD shapes. The 18” Woodmaster 10HP planer molder, set up with four blades, will produce most I WOOD shaped products with little to no downtime to change blades. The 18” machine can run wood at up to 64 lineal feet per minute. An efficient shop, could produce up to 10 structure framing kits of various sizes in a day – sufficient quantities to make a good living for a few people.

It is important to have a method of collecting the shavings removed during the grooving process. In a typical small workshop, dust collection is a health issue, but I WOOD shavings actually make excellent bedding for animals and garden mulch and can be sold locally to pet and garden stores or stables.

We recommend the following equipment for complete TRM workshop:

Equipment Details Estimated Cost
18” Woodmaster 5HP Planer Molder Model 718 $4,000
12” Sliding Arm Miter Saw $600
12” Table Saw Minimum 1HP, 1-1/2HP is a better choice. $350
70 gal. 2HP Heavy Duty Shavings Collector $200
Router & Bits $250
Band Saw $500
Dust collector $350
Equipment total $6,350

Your I WOOD business can follow a simplified version of Just-in-Time manufacturing. JIT manufacturing increases productivity while lowering costs. Adopting a just in time manufacturing system can have a positive impact on your business productivity, risk management, and operating costs, including:

  • Reduced inventory
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Reduced space needed to operate
  • Reduced work in progress
  • Increased production
  • Improved product quality
  • Reduced throughput time
  • Increased number of shipments

Contact Chris Scott to learn about becoming a TRM