iWOODMarket Vendor Terms and Conditions

iWOODMarket Vendor Terms and Conditions

iWOODMarket is operated by the small San Diego, California business operating as ByJeeni, with the authorization of Treecycling®, Inc. Treecycling is the owner of all patents, trademarks and copyrights of I WOOD® and I WOOD Kits. All billing, payments, customer relations, website content, functionality and marketing are provided by By Jeeni/I WOOD Kits.

The following Terms and Conditions apply to anyone selling goods on iWOODMarket:

iWOODMarket is a multivendor online marketplace that is part of the IWOODKits.com website. Products offered for sale on iWOODMarket must be hand crafted with at least 50% wood. Products must be offered for sale by the manufacturer of the end product. Any approved vendor can offer wood kits in the Ready-to-Assemble category or any completed wood-crafted item, including complete and customized I WOOD Kits in the Woodcraft category. Only licensed I WOOD Kit Makers and Master Treecycling Manufacturers can sell kits branded or identified as I WOOD Kits.

Payment Processing

By Jeeni/I WOOD Kits manages the approval and processing of all payments for orders placed on the www.iwoodkits.com/iwoodmarket website through the Stripe and PayPal Payment Gateways. All payments made on the website are deposited into the By Jeeni/I WOOD Kits account, including sales taxes and shipping. IWOODKITS will be displayed on your customer’s credit card statement.

Sales Taxes

All payments processed on the iWOODMarket currently have nexus in San Diego City and County and the State of California. By Jeeni / I WOOD Kits will collect the sales tax on every order unless Sales Tax Exemption documentation is on file. By Jeeni / I WOOD Kits will file all required returns and pay the sales tax. The vendor is not required to pay sales taxes.


When the vendor adds a product to their account, they must provide the accurate weight and dimensions for the final package that will be shipped when that product is ordered– including all additional hardware, glue, instructions and packing materials. Assume that each product in an order will be shipped individually in making this calculation, although there practical you can group products in one box.

When a customer goes to checkout their order, their shipping costs will be calculated based on the weight and dimensions the vendor supplied, as well as the vendor’s address and the address where the order will be shipped. In order to avoid under or over payment of shipping costs, the vendor should make up a package ready to ship prior to posting the product. All shipping charges paid by the customer are deposited into the By Jeeni/I WOOD Kits account. If, when the vendor fulfills an order, through the iWOODMarket Vendor system, the cost of shipping is higher than the amount collected from the customer, the additional costs will be deducted from the payment made to the vendor.

If a customer wishes to offer Free Shipping, the full cost of actual shipping will be deducted from their next PayPal deposit.

The vendor must use the I WOOD Kits /iWOODMarket order fulfillment system for shipping so the order can be marked as fulfilled and the payment can be released to the vendor’s PayPal account.

By Jeeni / I WOOD Kits has shipping accounts with USPS, UPS and FedEx. Depending how the vendor has set up their shipping for a product (see the Vendor User Guide) at checkout the customer can choose the method they prefer.

If a customer is located close enough to the vendor to make direct delivery an option, the vendor can offer that shipping option and mark an order fulfilled without shipping it. In this case, no shipping charge will be made to the customer or vendor. The customer will receive an email to respond to confirming they have received the order before the vendor’s payment is authorized.

If a vendor wishes to charge a handling fee (including cost of shipping materials) they should add this to the cost of the product.

Payments to Vendors

After your customer checkout is completed, the full amount they have paid is deposited in the By Jeeni/I WOOD Kits account. When an order has been filled and shipped, 90% the amount paid by the customer, excluding the amount paid for sales tax and shipping, will deposited into the vendor’s PayPal Account the following Monday. In order to be paid, the Vendor must have a PayPal Account and must provide their PayPal email address in their Vendor Profile.

The remaining 10% of the order (excluding Sales Tax and Shipping) covers the Payment Processing Fee charged by the payment gateway (PayPal or Stripe), the fee charged by PayPal Payouts (the service we use to pay our vendors) and I WOOD Kits’ Transaction Fee.

Customer Inquiries

Customer order inquiries are emailed directly to the vendor and it is the Vendor’s responsibility to keep their customers happy. If By Jeeni / I WOOD Kits is notified that a vendor has not fulfilled an order promptly, has misrepresented what they are selling, has made no effort to resolve complaints, or has treated the customer with disrespect, the vendor’s selling privileges on iWOODMarket can be suspended or cancelled.


Only verified customers can leave reviews for vendors and their products. It is the vendor’s responsibility to monitor these reviews and respond where appropriate in a way that assures future customers that the vendor is listening and making their best effort to be fair. If a customer leaves a review that is unfair, inaccurate, offensive or threatening, the vendor should bring it to the attention of the iWOODMarket Support team. The review could be blocked and the customer can be prevented from leaving further reviews. Reviews are a way for a vendor’s excellent product quality & customer service to be rewarded with more sales!

Listing Fees

There are no listing fees on iWOODMarket.

Transaction Fees

iWOODMarket transaction fees are included in the 10% deducted from sale sales prior to depositing payments into the vendor’s PayPal account. There are no additional transaction fees.


All transactions are paid in US Dollars. Due to the current COVID crisis no sales outside of the United States will be authorized at this time. Currently, only vendors located in the United States will be approved. We hope to extend this program to Canada in the near future.


Any additional charges for customization should be included in the price. If a product is available with standard features or customization, these can be listed as variations of the same product. Products can be listed as Simple Products or Variable Products. Instructions are included in the Vendor User Guide.

1099-K Form

By Jeeni / I WOOD Kits will issue 1099-K forms to certain sellers as required to comply with IRS and state requirements.