Welcome to the I WOOD Groovers Group

Welcome to the I WOOD Groovers Group!

I WOOD Groovers Group

Get ready to add a whole new dimension to your woodcrafting!

Every issue of Yes, I Could with I WOOD will bring you tons of Innovation, Imagination and Ideas that are possible with I WOOD Grooved Wood.  Throughout the coming months, you will get emails from I WOOD Kits loaded with valuable and fun woodworking tips and tricks.

  • Follow the triumphs and trials of novice woodworker, Mando, as he turns his passion for DIY projects into setting up his own workshop and learning the trade to become a licensed I WOOD Kit Maker, in Makin’ it with Mando!
  • Be the first to know about new I WOOD kits we on the Drawing Board or have added to our product line.
  • Learn about new products and tools we recommend that will make your projects turn out amazing.
  • Get updates from the I WOOD team on new features and improvements to I WOOD Grooved Wood. 
  • See what others are building with I WOOD and how they customized their I WOOD Kits, in the I Brag Corner
  • And get links to videos we love.


    Each issue will have a coupon code to download FREE plans to build an I WOOD project!

    You won’t want to miss a single issue, so be sure to add iwoodkits.com to your emails.