About I WOOD

What is I Wood?

In the first major change since humans started using wood to build, Treecycling had designed a new way to shape/mill lumber that can harvest more boards from fewer trees. I WOOD lumber less prone to warping, weighs less, and stacks to take less space. We call this I WOOD Grooved Lumber.

I WOOD Grooved lumber is a new way to build structures and furniture. The component parts can be pre-cut and then assembled quickly and accurately, using simple hand tools, by people with little or no carpentry experience.

I WOOD Grooved Lumber is solid wood that has been milled with grooves along the length, creating surfaces that fit together. In addition to making construction easier and more accurate, joins take advantage of the natural strength of wood rather than relying on the friction imparted by nailing flat surfaces together.


You can order a customized version of most I WOOD products!

Most I WOOD kits are available in many variations but if you want something to fit in an odd space, or require more leg room, a lower height, or whatever – select the Customized version, and get exactly what you want.


Do you have a great idea for an I WOOD Kit?

I WOOD Grooved Lumber is so versatile, you might be thinking, “I wish there was a kit for this…” Maybe you have an idea for a way to adapt something you use every day to build as an I WOOD Kit, or have come up with a hack that gives a whole new use to a kit. You can suggest improvements in the comments for any product, or send us a note in the contact form with your suggestion for something new. If we use your idea, we’ll send the first kit to you!


Treecycling is fully committed to keeping our planet happy and healthy.

One of the great things about I WOOD is that it saves trees and reduces carbon. From the ecological benefits of milling profiled lumber, to the reduced shipping impacts of local manufacturers filling your order, we take our responsibility to the health of our planet very seriously.

I WOOD Kits are Fun & Functional!


You can assemble most I WOOD furniture kits in your living room. Structure kits can be built on site. No workshop required.


I WOOD Kits come ready for you to assemble; the parts fit together and you can customize your project any way you want.


Enjoy the satisfaction of building your own furnishings and outdoor structures.


I WOOD Kits cost less than comparable custom-built furniture or outdoor structures.


No woodworking experience required. If you can use a screwdriver, you can build your I WOOD Kit!


I WOOD kits are real wood, from real trees that continue to sequester CO2 even while you are using them as furniture or housing.


You can easily personalize your I WOOD kit to meet your exact needs and space. Many of our designs are perfect for tiny homes and minimalist lifestyles.


The grooves in I WOOD lumber make the boards stronger & lighter, and stack together for lower shipping costs.


Life is unpredictable. I WOOD kits can be disassembled and parts can be re-used to make something new! Makes moving and storage a snap too.


I WOOD interlocking parts fit together accurately. Pre-cut and drilled components of every I WOOD kit result in an accurate, square finished product, every time.

Why Wood is Better for Building

Wood is a wonder product that can be used in many areas where we currently use plastic, cement, metal and petroleum-based materials but it is far more sustainable than these materials. Unlike any other material, while trees are growing, they sequester CO2, creating cleaner air, while reducing erosion and run-off. During the lumber production process, additional by-products, such as wood chips, for making paper, fiberboard and pellets for heating and cooking, are produced. Wood continues to sequester carbon even after it has been milled and used for building. And at the end of its life as lumber, wood can be used as fuel or allowed to degrade in a natural manner as compost. You can’t beat wood for strength, longevity, and versatility. Plus, something made of wood just looks so much nicer.

I WOOD Kits benefit our planet:

  • Most people know that trees sequester CO2, but did you know that even after a tree is cut down and made into furniture or a structure, that wood continues to keep that CO2 out of our atmosphere! Wood is not only renewable, it works to combat the climate crisis even while it’s being something you need.
  • I WOOD makes better use of our forest resources. If trees are milled into I WOOD shapes directly at the sawmill, a tree that could only produce one conventional 2×4 could produce two equivalent I WOOD Grooved Boards, improving the bottom line of timber and construction industry businesses while saving trees!
  • The wood fiber that is removed during the I WOOD milling process, converts 30% of the wood normally left in a conventional 2×4 into an additional usable product, harvested from the same trees and same logging costs used to produce flat-edge boards. That means that 30% more trees could remain in the forest, continuing to sequestering CO2 from our atmosphere, reducing erosion, and runoff and replenishing water tables and aquifers. That’s a huge environmental gain as well as a monetary one.
  • You can frame a house with I WOOD Grooved Lumber with fewer trees compared to building with conventional lumber.
  • Because I WOOD Grooved Lumber is lighter and stacks to take less volume, shipping costs and fuel consumption are significantly reduced. Stacks are safer too because the boards hold together.

I WOOD Kits benefit our communities

  • I WOOD Kits are produced by Treecycling Regional Manufacturers (TRMs), providing opportunities for enterprising local woodworkers to build a successful business with their skills. And as their business grows, they hire local workers who will put their earnings back into the local economy.
  • Because your kits are produced nearby, shipping distances are greatly reduced, resulting in lower shipping costs and less impact on our environment.
  • TRMs can source their lumber from nearby sawmills, further reducing transportation costs and supporting the local economy.