A Gift You Can Give to Our Future

A Gift You Can Give to Our Future

With the undeniable impact climate change is making on our daily lives, we can’t afford to wait another 20 years for I WOOD by Treecycling to be understood and adopted. Here’s something you can do, now, to get the I WOOD concept mainstream and make a positive difference on climate – the I WOOD Christmas tree could save 1 Million trees – let’s make that happen! Download Instructions

Simply saving millions of trees from being cut down every year would result in a phenomenal reduction of carbon dioxide. Allowing the millions of acres currently dedicated to growing Christmas trees, to revert to healthy forests would be a giant step in carbon sequestration. And just think of the benefit of starving the demand for the extremely wasteful and environmentally damaging manufacturing of artificial trees. Let’s make 2021 holiday season all about taking personal ownership of the climate crisis and the steps we can take to save our planet.

The benefits of transitioning to I WOOD in our use of wood extends beyond the benefits to the future of our planet. The savings that can be achieved by transitioning to grooved I WOOD lumber could compound into over $1 trillion by 2050.

Transportation costs for shipping lumber that has been grooved, could be reduced by 30% at every step, starting at the sawmill. For companies like IKEA, this could significantly reduce shipping costs for both pre-manufacturing and shipping to the customer as well as reduce the carbon imprint of all of that shipping.

Heating and cooling costs for structures framed with I WOOD for maximum benefit from insulation would show significant heating and cooling savings in addition to reducing fossil fuels.

In the current political climate, an industry-wide switch to grooved wood technology doesn’t seem likely…unless somehow the concept goes viral and it becomes politically expedient to encourage such a change. This is where a grassroots people’s movement could make a difference and woodworkers can lead the way. We are convinced that when woodworkers embrace the I WOOD concept and use their professional skills and innovations to further develop it, over the next few years, we can achieve a general understanding and adoption of the I WOOD groove, with all of its benefits to our planet and our well-being.

This newsletter is specifically reaching out to woodworkers – a group with extensive knowledge of wood and impassioned concern to take action toward reducing the rate of global warming. If you are not a woodworker, please send this on to anyone you know who works with wood. Tell them you want an I WOOD Christmas Tree and ask them to make one for you.

Treecycling is ready to help woodworkers turn their expensive hobby into a profitable business. We have a program for marketing and selling grooved wood products that will add to their existing sales outlets.

By adopting I WOOD grooved wood technology, we can make an immediate, tangible impact on climate warming without waiting years for seedlings to grow, or for politicians and businesses to offer expensive, self-serving solutions. Yes, adding grooved wood to our tree-saving, earth-caring arsenal, is only part of the solution. Planting seedlings, reforestation of mixed forests, and ending the current atrociously high waste of wood, will all have to happen, simultaneously!

The forest and building industry are only a small part of the economic world. But, if we can show what is possible in this area — to be both profitable AND sustainable, perhaps other industries will be inspired to do the same. Let’s start with the Christmas Tree you put up in your home this year!

Chris Scott

More about the I WOOD Christmas Tree and Instructions for building.

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